5 Things I Love This Week

9:39 AM

Hello girls, I wanna share my favorite things that I adore this week. I'm a handmade lover so it will a lot of handmade stuffs you'll see in my list :-) I hope you like it and enjoy my favorite things

1. Rose-print Sally dress from fredflare is so beautiful.

2. Pretty necklace from Lorelei. As a bead maker and bead lover, I adore this lady. All her accessories are so great and she always get a new idea for her creation. She's my inspiration!!

3. Still from fredflare.com, I found this gorgeous vintage purse. I want it for real!!! haha

4. A yarn bottle holder from Peptogirl. I always smile when I'm looking this bottle holder because it's very creative and totally cute.

5. A cute drawing from my friend, Gadisgelap. I love this! Is it dedicated for Anne Marie? hahaha

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