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Like I've said before, next post will be a DIY stuff. I wanna give you some tutorial for your old necklace. Make an old necklace becomes new and sweet necklace!!
Be creative and use your imagination :-) All you need are your old necklace, buttons, and ribbon

from this simple necklace

become this sweet button necklace (my imagination), but I think it will be prettier if we give a cute ribbon :-)

tie a ribbon (which we've putted a button) on a necklace

from behind

from above



This week I did some tutorial too, inspired by my favorite blogs. You can do it by yourself, it's so easy and soooooo fun

my crochet necklace (my version)

crochet necklace (creative yarn version)

wanna see this tutorial? click here

my mod flower hairpiece (my version)

Elsie's mod flower headpiece (A Beautiful Mess version)

Elsie give you the PDF flower pattern. Is it great?? Oh dear, I think Elsie's headpiece more beautiful than mine. My hair looks so messy :-(

Click here for the tutorial

I'm still doing my button project, it will be on my shop so I hope I can finish it soon!! :-)

-Have a great day everyone!!!-

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