Short Tips: how to make it looks old

11:22 PM

I give you an easy tips, tips for making something looks old. I'm a collage lover, I love vintage too, sometimes I make a collage by cutting pictures and alphabet from my old book or my old magazine, but, what if we find cute picture but it doesn't look old?

I tried some experiments last day and finally I got it. The tips is so simple, you don't need waiting for a thousand years to make it looks old, it just need one day and everyone can make it.

All you need are: cute picture and a cup of tea :-)


1. cut the picture that you want, I print and cut this silhouette from "The Graphic Fairy" (one of my favorite blog)

2. Put the picture into the bowl of tea

3. Let it stand for 24 hours

4. Finish!!

There's no different with the picture in an old book and you ready to use it

Oh thanks for Amethys and Riesta for this lovely blog award!!!

-have a great day-

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