The Doll of Yesterday

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I bought this lovely book, The Doll of Yesterday by Eleanor St. George, this book telling about dolls and doll collecting in Europe and America during the past 200 years!! Yeah, I felt so lucky when I found this book in an exhibition yesterday. It's not a new book, but secondhand. The cover still in good condition and it's pink :-)

From doll-collectors all over the country, Mrs. St. George gathered information about their collections and photographs of their favorites. This material is in her book, together with data on almost every type of doll ever made. For example, there is, the true story of the rare Joel Ellis doll; a section on Black dolls; new facts which have come to light about the Schoenhuts; the history of the lovely Jumeaus, and more new material on wax penny dolls, the English pedlars, and the strange little poppets.

French Fashion Dolls

Left, Rare Parian sometimes called "Toinette" or "Mary Antoinette". Right, Parian head with flowers

French Fashion Dolls

Cover of first catalogue of Schoenhut Dolls, 1911.

Top, left, walkable doll, 1919. Right, Dolls with moveable, sleeping, all-wood eyes, 1921. Bottom, Last Schoenhut doll, 1924.

Yay, Alice in Wonderland plywood toys :-)

I'd love to show you more and more pictures but I can't, cause I don't have enough time to take all the pictures or scan it :-)

-Have a great day everyone!!-

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