We need some cute stuffs for head too!!

9:08 PM

Found these beautiful hats, it makes me remember about the movie I had watched. Alice in Wonderland!! I love the second and the last hats...oh those will be in my list haha.

I grabbed these pictures from Chatham Girl, just check to the shop and be in love with those hats :)

Sorry for my late post, oh I'm a bad blogger haha I can't update my new post every week. Oh yesterday I went to Pasar Kangen (market which sell memorable stuffs) at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta and bought some cute accessories, I fell in love with the octopus hair pins. I always clip it on my bag cause it so colorful and looks so match with my rainbow bag haha

Can't wait to show you the picture of this hair pins beautify my hair and become my favorite :)

-Have a wonderful day everyone-

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