5 things I love this week

9:30 PM

1. New Little Black Dress from The Uniform Project
Do you still remember my last post about little black dress from The Uniform Project? yes, now The Uniform Project has new design. I think the new design is more cute :) can wait to see another style from Sheena. For more picture and info click here!


2. Elinka's blog on Radar Magazine
Oh recently adore this beautiful girl, Elinka. Love her fashion so much.


3. Garage Store Shop
Yes, I know you'll say: "you're too late! where have you been?", yes poor me, I'm too late to know that Garage Store is a great vintage shop hahaha.


4. My first giveaway
It will be in my next post (I promise!!). I feel so bad when you complain it haha but I'll do my best, I'll spend my time just for open my lovely giveaway for you all :)

5. My Little Shop :)
Okay, I won't say any nonsense words about my shop, but I really want to realize my dream :( and now I take it seriously. I already made new concept and design :) hope it will become a great shop.

That's it for today, wish you have a great weekend :)

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