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Short post for today and found this :) Really describe what I want but I disagree with horror movies because I like comedy, and I'll be very happy if there's a someone who can accompany me watching comedy movies :)

Are you a food lover? or love culinary? or maybe you love to eat but you can't cook? You can get a lot of simple recipes at My Own World (my culinary blog mate). My Own World will give you simple recipes and simple steps so you can cook delicious foods easily. This blog uses two languages, Bahasa and English, so everybody can enjoy reading it.

these are some memory pictures of my culinary team, we all really love eating delicious foods :D We spend our time on Sunday only for hunting yummy foods, but now we can't do it anymore because we don't have time to meet each other :(

Okay enough for today, hope you all have a wonderful day

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