Sundayology: Collage!

10:25 PM

Again, adore this collage from Ika Vantiani. I bought vinyl pouch set from her, and I had little surprise because I'm not only got pouch set but also a beautiful blank card and stickers too!! Thank you mbak Ika :)


Check her beautiful collage stuffs in Etsy (click HERE)
Read more about Vantiani and her universe

I fell in love with collage in 2005, and I knew it from my sister. She's my big influence. She taught me about art, and gave me (quick) lesson to made a collage (she ever made collages too).

I love making collage, but I never show all my collages to my friends because I think I don't need to show it to anyone. I want to keep it for myself. Maybe someday I'll show all my *cough* artwork in my next post :-D

Recently I made a notebook! This is my first (DIY) notebook. I'll be very happy if you comment on this post and give me some opinion :)


cute little girl (drawing and collage), I love mixing a collage with my own drawing


Okay, that's it for today, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend


"Do what you love, and do it often"

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