Little update: collage!

11:19 AM

Before I leave and do another thing, I'll post something I really love. That's, a collage. As you know, I love art and collage, but (the fact is) I'm not really good at those :(

I find out that my favorite collage artist, Angelica Paez from Scrapatorium, is following my blog! I've followed her blog since she posted her works in Typepad. Her collages are really amazing, I always update her work and get a little surprise every time I see her new collage. I read her another blog too, Scrapiteria, and Fantasy Rooms. Read her blogs and believe me, you'll fall in love with collage :D

And, these are my recent work, I hope you love it. I made it simple, even these aren't as great as a collage artist did, but I really had a good time in making these.

So, what do you think?


"Enjoy the process and love the story behind it"

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