What a good feeling!

10:50 PM

We (friend and I) celebrated International Yarn Bombing Day (June 9th) in MOGUS WORLD exhibition, at Kedai Kebun. Uhmm okay, it is not a "real" yarn bombing (I mean, the yarn bombing which is held in the street or other public area with all of a sudden), but this is only an art exhibition :-)

The artist is my friend, Mulyana. Actually, we just met three or four weeks ago. He's so kind and talented. He likes to share his knowledge about art and craft with everyone. The silly coincidence, we both have same hobby, that's culinary :-)

How cute are they?

The little room had transformed to the ocean, where we can see monster octopus and cute little fish swimming around us. What a good feeling!

I'm in the mood to listen to Beirut :-) who's with me?

Enjoy your wonderful day!

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