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6:24 PM

 I've been blogging for three years (since 2008) and I've changed my blog name for 3 times (luchielicious, lalala how the life goes on, and hey good old days). I got lots followers in my first blog (luchielicious), about 230 people. As a new blogger that made me happy. I never called myself as a fashion blogger but I posted my favorite (vintage) outfits frequently, and I enjoyed it so much. I became popular, I got lots of friends (bloggers). 

November 2011, the moment that I felt bored with my blog, my articles, and my blog name. I thought Luchielicious was a silly name haha. So, I made a new blog. I wanted a new start with fresh ideas but it didn't work because I got lots of new followers, and I couldn't leave them. I thought blogging was like a popularity contest, you would be a famous blogger if you got hundred or thousand followers. Ehm know, it is like become a popular girl in a high school and a hundred boys admiring you  (this comparison sounds childish, duh) :-)

March 2012, I made a decision. I changed my blog link and name (Lalala..How The Life Goes On). I posted about handmade and craft frequently. I became a new blogger (again). I didn't have lots of followers. Actually, I ever felt regret.

 Yesterday, "Lalala...How The Life Goes On" became "Hey, Good Old Days". 

Now, people still come to my new blog, old friends (followers from the past) become my follower again, new friends like my blog, and I have tons of ideas for my new blog. So, from my experience I want to make it more clear for you, don't you ever forget why you blog and why you started your blog. Just enjoy it. Don't stuck with the number of your followers.

Have a great weekend

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