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For my "little rambling" post this week, I thought I'll share about handmade movement. As you all know, I joined Magic Fingers Syndicate community (a handmade/craft community in Yogyakarta) and become one of the organizer. Magic Fingers Syndicate (MFS) is operated as a non-profit community. We provide information about handmade things (ex: event, bazaar, tips, craftpreneurship, business networking, etc), and organize handmade events to spread D.I.Y culture. Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta, has lots of awesome independent artisans and crafter. They're so creative, inspirational, and smart. I'm so happy to work with them, I like working in creative community. I thought handmade or craft is about passion, love, and community (although money is still important for our small business too :-) ).

So, why we must support handmade? Buying handmade is not only can support small and local business but also our economy. Indonesia needs more young creative entrepreneurs, and we will create those people from small community. Magic Fingers Syndicate is our small step to create a new big thing. I believe people will notice our small movement, but still need big support from everyone. 

Handmade is not only making thing with our hands. Handmade is personal (with heart), handmade has stories behind them (sentimental), handmade is political (we're trying to change people to re-think about corporate culture and consumerism), handmade is art, and many more.

I have lots experiences in selling handmade, and I have one memorable experience with the consumer. When I joined a bazaar, there were young girls (teens) bid for my goods, and said that I must gave them cheap price for the goods because those were too easy to make. So, I told them to make those by themselves. They refused, they said that they didn't have time (or lazy) :-( Oh gosh, I really mad but I thought maybe they didn't know about handmade, just like I've said before, handmade is not that simple. We sacrifice our energy and time just to make those. I hope people aware and give more attention to this :-)

I'm so grateful having great experiences with wonderful and creative friends. Just a simple note for you all: please always support small and local business for our better future :-)

Lucia Berta

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