Tutorial Today: Pretty Paper Bag

12:13 PM

Pretty paper bags for Valentine's day! Super duper easy and you only need 15 - 20 minutes. FYI, I make this in 2 styles, so you can choose your favorite. Okay, lets start the tuto:

1. You'll need: paper bags, paper doily, needle and embroidery thread, scissors, pencil, and glue.

2. First style: draw a bow on your paper bag

3. make hole in your bow with needle 

4. stitch it :-) I use back stitch. Keep stitching till you're done. Be patient!

5. Second style: use paper doily, draw or write your favorite word on paper

 6. make hole and stitch it. I still use back stitch style. Please be gentle :-)

7. glue it to your paper bag

You're done!

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