My top 5 sewing blogs (Category 1: Vintage)

6:12 PM

Sewing is one of my favorite hobbies now. I found a lots of references for sewing. I got many favorites, I will share a few of them but I'll organize them in 3 categories, and this post is a vintage (from all decade) category  :)

This blog is so fabulous! They have a community of sewer who love vintage pattern, vintage style, and vintage fabric. It has more than 800 sewing blogger which will share their sewing, and you will find lots of inspirations from many people. You can be a contributor too, that sound great, huh? :)

Super duper love this blog. She's not only share her sewing but we could find her vintage outfits, tutorial, pattern, and her vintage knitting.

This blog is my favorite too!! She loves thrifting and sewing, and every fabric she choose (for her clothes) is perfect! :)

You'll never get enough with this blog, you'll ask her for more vintage outfits photos. Yes, she has pretty photos. She always choose pastel color for her clothes and looks adorable.

For a newbie (like me), you'll super duper love this blog, because it gives you a lots of tutorial, and show you (step-by-step) how to make a dress. It has tutorial video too! What a great blog!

That's it, my top 5 blogs or sewing blogs. I hope you enjoy my post. I'm sorry for long hibernate, I promise I'll post more good and new articles. Wait for my other top 5 blogs or sewing blogs, that will be categories 2 for sewing blogs.

Have a wonderful day

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