My Top 5: Favorite Things in a Work Desk/Office Room

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Hey, how are you guys? I hope you have wonderful day. This week I really had productive days, I launched my new collections for Luciluci, I organized my datelines, I prepared DIY tutorials and craft workshop for Earth day event next month, and many more. Honestly, I like being busy, and working in front of my notebook all day, but sometimes I need a good mood to start my day. Since I work at home, work desk or my office room is an important area. I need everything organized, beautiful, and clean for my office room, because those things are my mood booster. I'll give my favorite things in a work desk or office room. These are not my work desk but I got inspirations from these wonderful work desks, and will share to you all :) let's arrange our work desk!

1. Retro Sewing Machine Legs
I need this! I really need this! So envy with Emma from Emmas DesignBlogg. The sewing machine legs make your room look classy and elegant. 

2. Add some prints in your wall (Oh Joy blog)
You have favorite prints or drawings? Use your hangers to display those prints. Really good idea, I think I'll hang my favorite fabric prints :)

3. Organize your stuff with Luciluci storage buckets
Add buckets in your work desk, you can use them to hold pencils, scissors, little books, or use them as a plant basket. Combine different colors, don't be afraid to do mix and match. You'll get your room more colorful, cheerful, and fun.


4. Beautify your room with fresh flowers (picture from A Beautiful Mess)
Flower makes me smile. Everything will look different if you add flower to your desk, isn't it? So, let's go and buy your favorite flower now.

5. Write your plans in a blackboard (Relax Home Decor)
I have little blackboard in my work desk too, I use it to write my bazaar agenda or datelines. It's very helpful because you don't have to open your planner book or your gadget.

That's it, my top 5 favorites things in work desk. Need more inspirations for my references, so maybe I'll add more for this topic :) 

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