My top 5 sewing blogs (Category 2 and 3)

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Hi, I'm back! lets continue our last post about my favorite sewing blogs. After you read my top 5 part 1 (here), now I'll let you know my other top sewing blogs. I curated and choose these blogs, just my own opinion :) Theme for category 2 is 60s!! yeah my favorite vintage decade ever! will lots of mini dress, colorful, boots, psychedelic print, what else? but unfortunately, I only have 3 blogs for this category. Please let me know if you have great sewing blogs :)  

I envy her mod dresses collection. She makes me wanna sew my own mod dress! 

Among The Dancer is her old blog before she moved to Style Sixties, but I still following her blog. I'm such a loyal reader :) A-line dress and preppy style dominate her style. 

Yuhuuu calling all psychedelic lovers :) This blog is so colorful and fresh. I really love her scallop pocket dress. She gives her dress tutorial in her blog, and it's easy to follow the step. She also sell her work in etsy if you wanna buy the dress.

Okay, it's not the end of this post, because there are only 3 blogs for category 2, so I'll add sewing blogs in category 3 right now, right here :) This last category is not vintage sewing, but I also love them.

Great famous sewing blog! All sewer (who also have sewing blog) know this blog very well. She's so talented, she has good sewing tutorials, she has sewing workshop, and now, she has her own sewing book! so great, huh?

Other famous blog :) She is also a fashion blogger. She sew her own dress for her fashion outfit. She has video tutorial on youtube and it's easy to follow her tuto (another great sewing blog for newbie). She cute too, I think she adore Japanese styles so much. 

Still with a fashion blogger. Gosh, a lots of fashion blogger who also love to sew nowadays, and that's good! You'll think that sewing is so easy to do when you see her tutorial. I love her pinafore dress tutorial, and I'll make one someday.

That's wrap guys! I hope you get inspirations by reading this post, and I have important request for you all my blog reader, I'm looking for a contributor. If you want to share your articles (about anything handmade) you can be my blog contributor. Please send your article (include good photos and link of your blog) to my email: iniluciaberta(at)gmail(dot)com, or read more info HERE

Happy crafting y'all and see you in other inspiration post :)

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