Cord Keeper Tutorial

9:18 PM

Actually, I got this tutorial from this blog. I made this cord keeper from my fabric scraps (actually my little brother asked me that). The tutorial is so easy, but it's need sewing skill, so if you can't sew maybe you should learn sewing first.

1. You need: fabric scraps, scissors, pin, velcro, paper, pencil, and sewing machine
2. Make a pattern. The size is 15 x 8 cm (if you need little cord keeper, you can make your own size)
3. Cut the fabric
4. Prepare to sew. Place the fabric together
5. Pin it
6. Don't forget leaving little space for turning, then sew the hole
7. Sew the velcro
8. You're done

All your chargers and cords will be look neat and tidy, and your mom will not complaining your things anymore :)

Happy crafting y'all and don't forget to support local makers

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