Tutorial: Polka dot Headband

1:35 PM

I adore rockabilly (pin-up) girl so much, so I made a polka dot headband. Actually, I used my fabric scrap (again) for this tutorial, remember this and this posts. Yes, I always use fabric scraps, maybe I'll collecting all my fabric scrap tutorials and make a "fabric scrap tutorial" zine haha.

The step is so simple, you must have sewing skill.

You need: polka dot fabric, scissors, and sewing machine.
1. Before you cut the fabric, you must measure your head with measuring tape. Make sure the headband will fit your head.
2. After finish the measurement, cut, fold the fabric in half-length way, and sew the corner of the fabric
3. Turn the tube inside-out, then fold down the end and the other end
4. Sew the top/the end  and the other top/end, and you're finished!

I will show you the entire outfit wearing this headband, so I beg you pardon for this picture.

P.S.: sorry for the grammar, because it's hard for me to use English for tutorial :-(

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