Mini Studio Visit: Lurik

9:53 PM

Yesterday I accompanied my blogger friend, Tia, in a Lurik fabric shop, Kurnia Lurik. The shop is belong to my college friend. I felt so silly because that was my first time (after 5 years we studied in same college, oh my God!). We got the permission to saw the making process of lurik in workshop room. FYI, Lurik is one of Javanese traditional fabric. Lurik originated from Javanese language, "Lorek", which means lines. 

I was so amazed with the process. You need a lot of patient to make about one yard of lurik, because the process can't be hurried. My friend told me, it took 2-3 months only for a yard of lurik. The best part of the workshop is the weavers are consist of grandpas and grandmas, wow...they still have power to weaving, I give them two thumbs. 

Handmade is the best thing in the world, but sometime young people forget about that. Handmade, for me, is everything, I love making handmade stuff and I'll spread handmade in everywhere, around the world. Nowadays, young people seems to have big appreciation with handmade, and that's good! I see lots of young small business owners (just like me..*cough) start to create something artsy with handmade. Yes, we need more people like those.

Talk about handmade, I sell my handmade items, storage buckets and mini banner wall hanging in this beautiful home decor shop, Mom and Style. For you, who lives in Yogyakarta, kindly visit the store and buy my product :)

Mom and Style
Jl. Sagan Kidul no 24 Yogyakarta, Indonesia

or you can buy them online in my webstore, LUCILUCI 

Have a wonderful day and always support your local makers!

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