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2:21 PM

Pernah diinterview untuk Jakarta Globe! Such an honor! Interview pertama tentang folksy magazine. Dulu lebih sering diinterview tentang acara Craft Carnival-nya Magic Fingers Syndicate. Kenapa kali ini istimewa? karena folksy adalah projectku yang pertama setelah berpisah dengan Magic Fingers Syndicate. Semacam mengakui pada diri sendiri, Yes I did it! Klik di sini kalau ingin membaca interviewnya :)

- Looking into the future of Folksy Magazine, Lucia wants to keep things simple – just in line with the main idea behind the publication she so carefully prepares every two months.
“Folksy will always be an independent, self-published magazine, yet I would like to be able to sell it abroad as well,” she says. “I don’t want to be huge. I’d rather see the magazine staying small, and at the same time having a big impact on everyone.” -

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